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    3 Ways to Automate the B2B Customer Journey

    3 Ways to Automate the B2B Customer Journey

    The secret of effective marketing is to scale without increasing costs. Automation is the answer to this dilemma in most cases. But this begs the question – how do you automate your B2B customer journey without depersonalizing? Consumers in both B2C and B2B are demanding more of a personalized experience. With all the choices B2B customers have today, you have no other option – you must comply.

    Let’s look at how you can automate your B2B marketing throughout the customer journey without losing your narrative or overpaying for labor to personalize the process.

    Automation Must be Gripping!

    Just because you are automating a part of your marketing does not mean that it becomes less absorbing or personal to your target audience. You should be using automation to increase the personal touch and the immersion that your customers and prospects feel for your campaign.

    How is this done?

    Modern outreach software has more than enough power to place a personalized message in each cell of an automated list. It is up to you to set the appropriate segmentation parameters by behavioral analysis and demographic information. The only human element that you should reduce is the human error that invariably occurs with manual input.

    Precise targeting with no human error should give you higher open rates and call-throughs. From there, you can rely on the acumen of your highly trained sales team to close deals.

    Automation Means Changing the Entire Marketing Campaign!

    The last thing that you want to do is try to automate the same marketing campaign you already have. When the methodology changes, other aspects of the process must change.

    Your data grabs should be the first aspect of marketing to change. Automating these processes should provide you with more data, which is also verifiably more accurate. A consistent process for your opt-in pages and pop-up windows should net you a higher instance of completed forms, especially if you automate a rewards package for successful completion. This is more than using automation tech to pull from a list.

    Changing the marketing campaign methodology is crucial when implementing automation.

    You should look to align the data you receive from many different sources. When you automate data grabs, you will be able to manage more of them without direct oversight. This means you can get more data from the same amount of work, which will lead into more precise buyer profiles and customer trend lines.

    Use More Data to Create Better (Automated) Experiences!

    People often embrace a herd mentality (more than they would like to admit). If you get the right information on the right people, you don’t need “personalized” outreach for every customer. Those who fit in the same buyer profile likely respond to the same outreach effort. With the customization options you have in today’s automation tools, you have everything you need to simulate personalized attention without paying for it.

    Automation improves data collection, accuracy, and customer insights.

    Again, the core of success here comes down to the information. Do you have the data for your target audience at every point during the hypothetical customer journey? If not, where does your insight stop? Focus your automation efforts on that part of the process. Get the data first. The outreach will follow. Find the trends to group similar prospects together, which is how you scale outreach without scaling expense reports.


    What is the secret to effective marketing?

    The secret is to scale without increasing costs, and automation is often the solution.

    How can you automate your B2B customer journey without depersonalizing it?

    You can personalize automated marketing by using modern outreach software to send personalized messages based on segmentation parameters.

    Why should you change your marketing campaign when implementing automation?

    Automation requires a change in methodology, including improving data collection and alignment from various sources for more accurate insights.

    How can you use automation to create better customer experiences?

    Utilize automation tools to target groups with similar buyer profiles, simulating personalized attention based on data and trends, without the need for individualized outreach for every customer.

    What’s the key to scaling outreach without increasing expenses with automation?

    Focus on obtaining data for your target audience at every stage of the customer journey, identify trends, and group similar prospects together to optimize outreach without escalating costs.

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    Stay In-the-Know with Our Quarterly Printed Magazine, Navigate the Channel.

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