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    3 Elements Your Trade Show Booth Needs


    A trade show provides your business with the opportunity to capture the interest of a captive audience that is already interested in what you have to offer. This is not to diminish the importance of designing the right trade show booth. Even though its attendees are interested in the theme of the trade show, you still need to find an effective way to attract and retain their attention. When designing your trade show booth, keep the following elements in mind:

    1. Recognition

    From the smallest startup to a large conglomerate, trade show attendees need to be able to quickly and efficiently identify what your company does. It takes a person attending a trade show about three seconds to decide whether to engage with a brand or move on. If people are not able to instantly figure out the purpose behind your brand, it is unlikely they’ll stop at your booth to learn more.

    2. Visual Appeal

    Humans are a visually stimulated species who use their eyes to help them gravitate toward the things that interest them the most. An attractive and stimulating trade show booth includes strategically-placed graphics highlighted by subtle lighting that is designed to pique their curiosity without overwhelming the senses.

    3. Openness

    When designing your trade show booth, aim for a flowing and open setup. A table that is placed in between your business and the trade show attendees provides a psychological barrier that could prompt someone to skip visiting your booth. Instead of placing a table in front of your business, locate it in the back or off to the side, if it must be used. Focus, instead, on creating open spaces that are bright, inviting and welcoming.

    By combining the three above elements, you can create a trade show booth that helps you meet your business objectives. Creativity coupled with a strong focus on delivering what trade show attendees want is a winning strategy that’s applicable to any industry.

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