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    3 Digital Marketing Trends that Belong in Every Business’ Strategy

    When’s the last time you took an objective look at your company’s business marketing strategy? Do you tend to rehash the same ideas every year when it comes time to create that strategy? It’s time to take a fresh look at this key advertising tool and make sure that it includes the following trends:

    1. Integrate Story Telling

    Chances are that you already use storytelling in the videos that you use as part of your marketing campaign. If you don’t, you should start doing so as soon as possible. Another aspect of the storytelling trend is the stories feature that originally started with Instagram but spread to Facebook, Snapchat and beyond. Use stories to create advertisements that speak to your audience on a deeper level. There’s a reason why stories are slated to become the primary form of communication by 2019: they’re creative, relevant and addictive.

    2. Harness Social Media Fully

    Third-party apps make it easy to give users a seamless experience and they provide businesses with valuable data about consumers. If you want to increase your brand’s reach, improve your users’ loyalty and boost conversion rates, you need to fully integrate social media in your business. One of the best ways to do this is for the CEO to get involved. Establishing a presence on social media increases trust among your target audience and improves your company’s reputation.

    3. Embrace Micro Moments

    Micro-moments are here to stay, and your business needs to take advantage of them. With more than 90 percent of consumers using their mobile devices to research before they subsequently make that purchase, you need to be poised to take advantage of this trend. Every time a consumer grabs their smartphone or tablet to consult a how-to video, it’s an opportunity for you to reach them exactly where they’re at. Presenting the information consumers need during these micro-moments can translate to conversions and increased sales.

    The three digital marketing trends outlined above tend to get lost in all the noise about videos, live feeds and the like. They are set to be extremely important for a well-rounded marketing strategy for 2019 and beyond, though, so they’re worth taking note of sooner rather than later.

    About The Author

    Elton Mayfield

    Elton's career spans media, production, digital and building industry expertise. His diverse experience makes him nimble, innovative, and curious – always pushing the envelope to create extraordinary work that delivers real results for our clients.

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