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    How Architecture Firms Can Effectively Use Social Media

    Architecture surrounds us, of course, but in a moment-of-poetic-description, spoke to the importance of architecture this way: “Architecture provides an expression of human civilization at a fixed point in time, which endures as a monument for study by future generations.” It went on to quote English writer, philosopher, and art critic

    G.K. Chesterton when he said, “Architecture is an expression of the true strength of a society because the things humans value most are those that are irrevocable.”

    We get it. In life, all of us benefit from the grand and functional purpose and visuals of architecture. To bring things into our specialty, visual social media platforms benefit architecture and architecture firms in their marketing strategies.


    Make Pinterest a primary tactic in social media marketing, not an afterthought. So strong is our commitment to this that we’re starting our seven reasons with Pinterest.

    Yes, we know. It might not be where you would think the architecture industry would really gain marketing traction. After all, this popular social media platform is highly favored by women and is often credited with tons of pins that feature recipes, beauty tips, and inspirational and motivational sayings. But Pinterest is a dynamic visual space to share content and has plenty of room for those who love art, architecture and interior design.

    According to service platform Hootsuite, Pinterest ranks as the 14th largest platform for total global users. Even post-pandemic and amid the slowdown in home nesting and crafts, Pinterest retains more than 431 million monthly active users. The platform outdoes both Twitter and Reddit, but ranks behind social networks Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. (And, in a 2021 company blog post, the company’s global Head of Business Marketing identified men as one of the platform’s fastest-growing demographics.)

    Not everyone associates Pinterest with video, but it’s been a growing vertical on the platform and people watch nearly one billion videos a day on the social media platform. To support the growth, the company introduced Pinterest Premiere ad packages, which are set to bolster the targeting and reach of video campaigns, reports Hootsuite.

    With this information firmly tucked in your brain, consider why every architecture firm needs to use Pinterest specifically.

    Use Pinterest as a Visually Arresting Portfolio Board

    Pinterest creates a boundless canvas to show your portfolio, which is one of the basic reasons architecture firms should embrace Pinterest. If you’ve recently worked on a spectacular project, you can use photos to create multiple pins that draw attention to your efforts. Pins and videos on Pinterest also draw attention and drive traffic to your website. Every pin posted can be linked to a website, which provides your contact page, further inspiration, an explanation of services and blog posts. It can be a direct avenue to augment business goals around social media marketing.

    Position Your Firm as a Local (and National) Leader

    Your team is good at what you do. But perhaps few people in your industry know that unless you position yourself as a leader. Pinterest makes this possible, as it gives you a method for leveraging educational blog posts you’ve added to your website. For example, someone looking for information on how to handle a certain remodeling situation might look on Pinterest for ideas, see your pin, and go to your website for further information or case studies. Using the video feature can help you and your team speak to, or show examples of, issues in the industry around materials, building practices and design.

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    If you create themed boards for your local area, you position yourself as an insider to your area or metro. As a long-term marketing strategy using Pinterest to create themed boards for your community that include special events, showcasing other businesses, and any interesting interior design seen when you’re out and about is just smart. You never know when someone will see your pins and decide to call you for a project estimate, particularly if you’re viewed as an expert in your specialty or geographic area.

    Remember, too, the power of the humble brag and use Pinterest to show off any awards or affiliations your architecture firm has earned. Again, this builds your reputation and credibility as an industry leader in locally, regionally, nationally or even globally.

    Expand Your Audience with Repins

    Perhaps one of the best parts about advertising on Pinterest is that you’re not just limited to the people following your account. Each time someone finds your pins and reposts them on their own boards, you expand your audience and influence. An effective way to make use of shared content is if you’re working on a special charity or historical project. Document your progress visually with a special Pinterest board. This creates linear and detailed documentation for people to follow and see the overall process of what you do from start to finish. Watch the repins fly.

    Give Followers Inspiration

    Pinspiration boards are a wonderful way to help your followers find design ideas for their own projects. And you don’t have to just use your own pins. Consider creating inspiration boards that showcase a certain theme or design ideas your team really likes.


    You can find multiple architecture or interior design accounts on the royalty of visual shared content, Instagram. To view a demonstration of the power of architecture and quality content on this social media platform, you don’t have to search far.

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    We could go on about the specifics of Instagram, if you aren’t already familiar, or just let SaaS platform HootSuite get you up to date on the most current stats here.

    Remind yourself how many words an image is worth

    Recently, Architect Magazine addressed social media. Specifically, the article highlighted various architects and the reasons they use social media. Building scientist Christine Williamson discussed her popular account (80,000+ followers) that ranks among the most popular architecture-related accounts on Instagram, BuildingScienceFightClub.

    According to Architect Magazine, “BuildingScienceFightClub found an unusual niche. Compared to the seductive architectural photographs that predominate Instagram, the account shows the gritty reality of how buildings are made and how they fail. The feed is a mixture of construction photos, drawings, and bright pink text explaining topics such as window details in masonry walls and managing runoff from a terrace.”

    The takeaway here is that architecture firms can use beauty shots and Instagram Reels to highlight design and structure, or find their own distinctive niche. Just as with Pinterest, highlighting local or regional architecture, in addition to your own projects, can help make your firm an insider on a specialty or area.

    YouTube is the third most-popular search term on Google

    No doubt that video is popular. As a short course on the power of video, we’ll connect you to up-to-date information from SaaS platform HootSuite again. Video is a form of storytelling and so is architecture. Connect your project storytelling with current and potential clients. Just a reminder, though. Use your other social. Media platforms to drive people to your YouTube channel. Don’t expect them to just find your material on YouTube.

    We all know Google is the number one search engine, but did you know that YouTube is the second?


    Why should architecture firms use Pinterest for marketing?

    Pinterest serves as a visually arresting platform that allows architecture firms to showcase their portfolio, drive traffic to their website, and position themselves as industry leaders both locally and nationally.

    How does Pinterest compare to other social media platforms in terms of global users?

    Pinterest ranks as the 14th largest platform globally, with over 431 million monthly active users, surpassing Twitter and Reddit but behind Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

    Can video content be beneficial on Pinterest for architecture firms?

    Yes, video content has been growing on Pinterest, with nearly one billion videos watched daily, and Pinterest Premiere ad packages enhance video campaign targeting and reach.

    How can architecture firms expand their audience on Pinterest?

    By encouraging repins of their content, architecture firms can reach beyond their followers, expanding their audience and influence with each repin of their pins.

    How important is video content for architecture firms on social media?

    Extremely important, as platforms like YouTube are popular for video searches, and video storytelling can effectively connect architecture projects with current and potential clients.

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