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    Launch Your B2B Product Quickly: Five Proven Strategies to Scale Faster

    Launching your new venture has gotten more and more complicated over the past few decades, in large part because the world of public relations has evolved so much and technology is advancing so quickly. Gone are the days when a press release and a killer Kickstarter campaign really brought traction for up-and-coming entrepreneurs. Now the PR ecosystem has expanded to forms such as podcasting, community platforms, and influencer marketing.

    Recent B2B trends for a successful launch include getting featured on trusted industry sites such as Product Hunt and similar sites as well as the traditional crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter. These channels alone don’t guarantee to get press and attention that translate to instant sales and don’t necessarily provide the capital infusion most startups desire to ensure fast growth.

    Here are some current strategies to consider when introducing your B2B product to the world.

    Take Advantage of Social Channels

    According to a recent survey by 10Yetis, only 14% of journalists use company blogs for information, but 75% rely on Twitter for their research, and over 63% turn to it to find news, so using Twitter effectively for your press release outlet is a smart move. Start conversations with your target audience on social media to engage the public, and you might catch the attention of a popular journalist with a large following.

    Offer Incentives

    Just getting the word out about your new B2B product or service isn’t enough. Back it up by offering freebies and host a social media contest that goes beyond that by giving rewards for sharing your product on social media, tagging their friends, hash-tagging your brand, and referring visitors to your site.

    Offer Early Adopters a Freemium

    As you are growing your brand, reward a limited number of early supporters with a lifetime deal, or “freemium” to motivate early adopters and help you quickly raise capital that is essential for fast growth. It spurs the type of consumer who fears “missing out”, and can result in a flood of new sign-ups and possibly a lot of free word-of-mouth advertising.

    Create Customer Experiences They’ll Talk About

    Associate your brand with something unique within your industry. Give customers a story they can share and you have instant word-of-mouth – exactly what your startup needs. People love to talk about themselves and their experiences – with social media today it only takes the time it takes to type a Tweet for a customer’s bad experience to go viral. The good news is that it only takes seconds for a positive experience to go viral as well. For example, according to Doubletree Hotels, after making a practice of giving out a free cookie to guests upon check-in, within 60 days 34% had shared their experience. To keep up their momentum, they now offer the recipe so that guests can make them at home now. Make sure you give your new customers a personal story to share.

    Team Up with a Social Influencer

    Who better – and more effective – to recommend your product or service than someone who has the ear of your target audience daily? Offering free products to review, or sponsoring a social media channel is a great way to reach a lot of people quickly. Don’t try to team up with someone just because they have a lot of followers, though. It is crucial to find an influencer who caries clout in your niche and whose followers will be interested in your product.

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