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    How Architects Can Use Video Marketing as a Promotional Tool

    Have you wanted to gain more buzz for your architecture firm, but weren’t sure exactly how to go about doing it?

    Video marketing is one of the hottest mediums for building a recognizable brand. Since design is quite visually heavy, it only makes sense that architects around the globe are turning to video content as a way to enhance their digital presence.

    To help you get started, we’ve created a brief guide with plenty of ideas on how to use video to impress customers and gain more exposure for your business. Here are four ways architects can use video marketing as a promotional tool.

    1. Using 3D Animations

    Not all videos you create will be for marketing purposes initially. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t use them as digital assets later on. For example, creating 3D animations to help clients get a feel for your project design is important. In fact, this can be a surefire way to seal the deal when someone can’t quite envision what you’re proposing.

    Later on, you can use those same videos as a way to showcase your talent and skills in your firm’s virtual portfolio. A high-quality animation can often look as realistic as actual video footage, meaning you can often give a genuine idea of how a project should look even before construction.

    2. Showcasing Finished Work

    After a building you’ve designed is completed by the contractor, ask to have a professional videographer create a walkthrough. This is an excellent way to help your clients see your vision come to life in a way that looking at drawings or animations can’t always duplicate. Even drone footage of a finished building is an excellent video marketing idea.

    Furthermore, there are tons of great virtual reality (VR) options out there to consider. With programs like YouTube VR and Facebook’s Oculus making it easier than ever for the general public to enjoy realistic adventures through physical locations, opting for this type of media is an excellent way to stand out from the competition.

    3. Creating Social Media Content

    The architectural field is incredibly visual, which is why having video content for your social media profiles is important. Using videos like those we’ve mentioned in this guide as a way to engage followers is a wonderful way to attract more attention and potential leads.

    If you’re consistently posting these types of videos on Instagram, Facebook, Houzz, or Pinterest, there’s a good chance someone will see them and want to work with your firm in some capacity. However, the key is to post regularly, and having a stockpile of videos makes this task easier. That means it is important to take various angles, create different views, and otherwise stretch the same video into several shorter pieces of content for your social media profiles.

    4. Showing Off Your Creative Side

    One of the best ways for architects to use video marketing as a promotional tool is by getting creative. You never know when a theoretical or fantasy design you come up with and create coordinating content for will go viral. In turn, this creates bigger buzz and better overall brand recognition for your firm.

    Likewise, it might even catch the eye of a potential client who has a similar design style or ideals as you do. Even if the design you’ve created isn’t real, there are still those who will likely find value in what you’re able to envision. And that can often lead to a conversation, which leads to a quote and eventually becomes a new project for your firm.

    Let Us Help with Your Video Marketing Goals

    At ER Marketing, we help architectural firms come up with winning digital marketing strategies. In addition, we’re highly skilled at elements like social media marketing, YouTube marketing, and other video marketing platforms. Please contact us today for details or to discuss your unique needs.

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