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    Google My Business for Contractors: What You Need to Know

    If you’ve looked into any sort of local directory marketing service or just wondered how your competitors got to the top of the search listings so quickly, the answer is Google My Business.

    This free tool makes it easy to add your information to the Google network and allows you greater visibility across the entire platform.

    Looking for more details? Here’s a brief guide on Google My Business for contractors and other service providers.

    What is Google My Business?

    Google My Business (GMB) is a free tool that allows local companies to edit and control their presence across the search engine’s vast network. This includes local search, maps, reviews, contact information, and so much more. You also have the ability to post updates, link to your website, or include photos.

    As a contracting firm, GMB is a good way to show that your business is a professional organization while highlighting the easiest ways to get in touch with you. By claiming a business profile, you can stand out amongst the competition and catch the attention of potential customers.

    How Do You Setup a Google My Business Profile?

    Claiming your GMB profile is actually quite easy, but it does take some time. Here are the steps you want to follow.

    1. Claim Your Profile: Start by claiming your Google My Business profile on this website. They’ll ask for basic information like your company’s name and contact information.
    2. Add Your Address: You’ll input the physical address of your company. You do have the option to hide this and can select whether you’re a brick-and-mortar location or a service business.
    3. Select a Business Category: Select whether you’re a commercial construction firm, residential construction company, or whatever else makes sense for your particular business.
    4. Choose What to Show Customers: This can include your website address, phone number, social media links, or other details for your construction company.
    5. Submit and Wait to Verify: Google requires that all companies verify that they’re at the physical location they’re claiming. They’ll send you a card in the mail in about five days that will have a special code. Follow the directions on the code to finish the process.

    The Benefits of Using Google My Business for Contractors

    There are tons of benefits to using Google My Business for contractors. First, adding your listing is a good way to boost local search engine optimization (SEO) and ensure you’re getting seen by people in your area.

    Second, it gives users the ability to get your contact information in a hurry. If they need to call you or get in touch for an estimate, having this right at the top of the page and highlighted is extremely important.

    Finally, it just gives your construction company that professional edge. Consumers and B2B customers are pretty savvy and only want to deal with organizations that take the time to portray an honest image. By claiming your GMB profile, you’re making it known that you care and take your digital footprint and online presence seriously.

    Multiple Locations and GMB

    Of course, what if your construction company has multiple locations throughout the United States or a particular region? Then you’ll want a GMB listing for each physical office and service area you have. The main benefit is that it gives your firm more exposure in the various areas in which you operate.

    Here’s an example to consider. If a customer is looking for a contractor in one particular city, the Google My Business listing will show up at the top of the search profile for them. This would not happen if you only had a GMB profile for the company headquarters hundreds of miles away. See what this is such a big deal? That’s why it is important to create listings for each area you operate in.

    Ready to learn more about marketing your construction company online? Please contact our team at ER Marketing today to start the conversation and discuss your needs.

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