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The Building Products Tablet Revolution

Are Your Dealers There Yet? In the marketing world, we’re consistently early adopters of new technology, from social networks (anybody remember Gowalla, Brightkite or Whrrl?) to devices like tablets. By now, if you’re like many of us, you may have already gotten rid of your first or second tablet and upgraded. With normalcy like that,…

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Where does Innovation come from for Building Product Industry Marketers?

How can you drive creative thinking, which leads to innovation, in your organization? As building product marketers, most of us are hard-core product marketers that have seen flashes of innovation over the years either in products, service offerings or unique marketing programs. But, how do you translate innovation and innovative thinking into everything? First off,…

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How can Building Product Marketers create their own “World-Wide Rave?”

6 Core Rules to help you get people talking about your ideas from David Meerman Scott. I read a book a few years back and thought the ideas were powerful enough to pick it up and review again. The book is World Wide RAVE by David Meerman Scott. The basic idea behind the book is…

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Building Industry Product Placement Know-How for CMOs

3 smart choices in a market of contextualized commerce. What is contextualized commerce, really? It is the act of placing a brand into a specific context, it’s also a buzz word that is making it’s way around the marketing circuit. Michela O’Connor Abrams, president and publisher of Dwell magazine stated, “We believe contextualized commerce is…

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2012 Building Industry Color Forecast

Color trends for 2012 show orange, tropical, and neutral tones.  We know as building material marketers that colors can evoke certain emotions, responses, and outcomes.  We also know that color trends are defined years in advance and we use that information in our product development.  Although it is too late to affect product color decisions…

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Lead Generation Important for Building Product CMOs

More than ever, marketers must track and cultivate leads to increase sales. Recently BtoB Magazine wrote an article entitled, “Lead Generation Demands Grow,” that discussed the recent increase in tracking leads, measuring responses and utilizing analytics. This is my take on how this new demand has changed marketing’s role. While marketing’s role has always been…

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Value of Building Product Demos is Underrated

3 Rules for Building Successful Product Demo  People do not buy what they do not understand, therefore, a powerful, easy to understand building product demo is a great way to deliver your value proposition.  Presenting key selling points while showing your product in action is invaluable to your prospects.   If prospects are interested in the…

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