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B2B Marketers: It’s Okay to Be an Enabler. (Sometimes.)

New Findings Prove the Effectiveness of Sales Enablement   I’m an enabler. No, not the kind you’re thinking—a different kind of enabler. I’m referring, of course, to one of my favorite topics: sales enablement. I’m an enabler in that anyone who knows me knows that I talk about this topic a lot because I have…

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Building Products Trade Show Tips Roundup!

What You Need to Prepare for This Year’s Trade Shows It’s official: trade show season is in full swing. As someone who attends his fair share of them, I can attest to it. This week, I will be attending the DeckExpo and Remodeling Show, where I will visit booths from many companies in the building…

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Building Products Marketers Need Sales to Survive

Sales and Strategy Go Hand In Hand   What if I told you that all the effort you put into marketing your building products was absolutely useless? What if I told you that no matter how great the creative, how brilliant the strategy, and how alluring the incentive, your approach was doomed to fail? Because…

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B2B Marketing: What’s Easy Isn’t Necessarily What’s Right

Is Your Marketing Making Life Easier for You or Your Prospects? There’s a saying that doing the easy thing is not the same as doing the right thing. It’s definitely true for B2B marketers—what’s easy for us to produce might not be what is right for our audience to consume. But we like easy; as children,…

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Is Your Sales Promotion Failing? Or Are You Just Failing Your Sales Team?

Drive Sales Promotion Results by Marketing to Your Sales Team   Here’s something you might not expect a veteran B2B marketer to say: The success of a B2B sales promotion does not hinge on the prizes, nor does it hinge on the theme. It’s not only about the bells and whistles. It’s not even only…

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Recycling—Not Just Good for the Environment

Repurpose Your Content for Greater ROI Content marketing is a big deal for B2B marketers right now. If you didn’t know that, you haven’t been reading enough Navigate-the-Channel lately. In the past few weeks alone, we’ve discussed the importance of the Buyer 360 (creating the right content at the right time for the right audience)…

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Sales Enablement: You’re Up and Then You’re Down

High Prioritization of Sales Enablement vs. Low Prioritization of Sales Technology I’ve spoken before about how sales enablement will be a key component of many companies’ B2B marketing plans going forward. (See these articles for more: 1 and 2.) When executed with careful strategy, innovative solutions, and a keen ear to the needs of the…

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The Next Big Trend for Building Products Marketing

…And How It Can Boost Your Sales Having worked in building products marketing for close to 30 years, I’ve seen firsthand how changes in the economy and homeowner mentality can affect trends in the building industry, design, and more. As the economy bounces back and a new generation of homeowners enters the market (and others…

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Mobile App Development Process: Part Two

In part one, we walked you through the beginning stages of mobile application development. Now, in the final stretch, the process will come to a successful end. The Pretty Picture: These are the skins for the mobile apps. At this stage, develop a high-resolution version of the designs from wireframes. Lucid Chart is another tool…

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Mobile App Development Process: Part One

Launching a mobile application is becoming easier with the development of online tools. This is an overview of things to consider when launching a mobile app. Goals and Research: Before you start designing and coding, you need to understand the purpose and mission of your new mobile app.  What is the problem your app is…

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