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Does Shortening the Customer Journey Mean More Sales?

An essential component of modern marketing analysis is the ability to shorten the sales cycle without having to put in an overload of upfront resources. With a shorter cycle in place, a company has much more time to create good leads for itself. Over time, this means better revenues and the opportunity to grow the…

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Boosting B2B Sales With Amazon’s Marketplace

Many businesses are too scared to take the leap into Amazon’s marketplace, or just haven’t considered even looking at the platform as a way to expand their B2B sales. That’s because although it’s a worldwide sales giant, it’s intimidating to know where or how to begin – but with over 100 billion in annual sales…

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4 Steps To Take Advantage of Your Online Presence To Grow Building Materials Sales

As a manufacturer, you most likely know it’s important to have a good website and significant social media presence. But do you really know how to piece together the various elements of online marketing so that they can drive up your building material sales? Your company’s online presence is capable of providing you with 24/7…

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4 Ways to Revamp Your Marketing Strategy and Increase Sales

Growing a customer base through referrals and word-of-mouth often forms the foundation of any successful business. Chances are, though, that at some point, this strategy won’t be enough to sustain the growth needed to meet your long-term sales goals. Turning to online marketing means having to revamp your strategy so you can better leverage the…

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3 Ways to Boost Your Building Materials Sales

In a nutshell, your customers are likely going to purchase from you for one of three reasons. Each of those three goals has unique strategies that you can implement to help boost your sales. 1. Converting the Customer to Your Product When trying to convert customers to your product, it’s natural to focus on hot-button…

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New Technology Sales Techniques Enhance Modern B2B Marketing

E-commerce will become even more of a focus for the B2B marketplace over the coming years. Companies that will enjoy the highest growth during this period will invoke cutting edge technology sales techniques that fit the new process that e-commerce creates. Surprisingly, there is a great deal of room for growth in the B2B e-commerce…

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Attracting the Right Customers to Your Trade Show

  Whether your business is to sell cleaning products or dog treats trade shows can be an effective way to introduce your product to distributors that can help your products gain popularity and bring about success. But just acquiring space in a convention center is not enough to make sure that the right people are…

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Ideal Trade Show Timeline

  In order to have a successful trade show, you need to start with a timeline. Doing so helps to ensure that everything that is necessary for success is completed in a timely manner. It’s important to remember that the timeline noted below is for general purposes only. Sometimes you might not have the same…

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Marketing for the Relationship Economy

  The consumer experience continues to define success in branding and marketing. You add the most amount of value to your brand when you position your business as a friend looking to help. It is the job of the relationship marketer to create the important engagements that will create long-term alignments. Here are a few…

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Creating a Better B2B Sales Team

  There are plenty of new technologies to employ within your current marketing infrastructure. What good are they without a great sales team? This is especially true of the B2B marketplace – no one cares about your beautiful networks if you can’t tell people what your company is about. You need a better sales team than…

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