Increased Potential of the Green Building Products Market

The Green Home Market Is Expected To Increase Five-Fold by 2016 It seems now more than ever, going green is important to consumers, which makes the building products industry a prime market to target. As a building products CMO, you are likely focused on this growing trend, but the key statistics from McGraw-Hill Construction give…

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Email Benchmarks for Building Product Marketers

Measure your email marketing performance with these tips. With so much data available, email is one of the most measurable tactics in a building product marketer’s arsenal…but how do you know where your performance rates? The two most common metrics in email marketing are Open Rate and Click-Through Rate (CTR). However, before you even begin…

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A New Social Media Outlet for Building Product Marketers

New service can help you to use virtual pin boards to showcase your building product brand. can be used to build brand recognition, share ideas, research competition and make connections. Voted one of the 50 best websites of 2011 by Time Magazine, Pinterest is a social media site, still in beta development, based…

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Aging In Place Building Products and Home Ownership Rates

While the economy and aging baby boomers are changing home ownership rates, there are still opportunities to grow your share of wallet. Home ownership used to be the gold standard for young adults. We bought houses and knew we had secured a great investment. But with the unstable economy, young adults today fight through the…

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Debt and Other Economic Factors Affecting the Building Product Industry

Keeping an eye on the recovery of the economy is important for building product CMOs to consider as they make long-term strategic marketing plans. As you know, building products and the housing market have easily been the segment most effected by the economic problems of the past couple of years. Recently released statistics and news…

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Content Marketing and Database Marketing for Building Product Marketers

Steps to Prepare Your Building Product Organization for Content and Database Marketing. Content and database marketing are two marketing tools recommended by Forrester Research, Inc. after they did an extensive study earlier this year. I’ve highlighted some of the key points from this article below. Content Marketing Content Marketing refers to creating more content than…

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Building Products: 4 Tips for Asking Informative Questions that Drive Sales

The following 4 tips will provide valuable intelligence about a prospect and/or sales opportunity: A recent webinar conducted by Tom Searcy at provided a list of tips on the importance of asking questions to getting sales. Here is my summary and input for how they relate best for the building product industry.Building product customers…

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IBM CMO Study Provides Insight into Building Products Industry

While most CMOs feel under-prepared, there are 3 key areas of improvement that can help them prepare for the future. IBM recently conducted a study of CMOs from all over the world, in many different industries to figure out how they feel about today’s market and what their outlook is for the future. The findings…

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New Building Product Industry Report Points To A Flat 2012

How You Can Make Big Changes Despite Small Changes Ahead  So what should building products marketers do during 2012 to weather the flat forecast? Spend! And BusinessWeek agrees. Research from the 1981–82 recession showed that companies that increased advertising during the downturn saw a 250% increase in sales just a few years later. It appears…

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Best Cities for Seniors Survey Shows Building Products Opportunities

Building Products Manufacturers Can Benefit from Unconventional Retiree Markets What this means for the building products industry is a greater likelihood of a 65+ population that is more comfortable with aging-in-place as opposed to moving to a different region. That, in turn, means more customers looking for building products to update or upgrade their homes—siding,…

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