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The 5 Most Common Trade Show Mistakes (Part 1/2)

And What You Can Do to Avoid Them It doesn’t matter whether you have been working in event and trade show marketing for one year or 20 years, one thing always remains the same: You have five seconds or less to make an impression and get that reluctant attendee to stop in your space and…

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Colors That Will Guide the Building Products Industry in 2015

The New Sherwin-Williams® 2015 Colormix Collection As building products marketers, it’s important to stay ahead of the latest trends in the industry. The Sherwin-Williams® Colormix 2015 Collection offers a variety of color palettes for designers and other pros to consider when determining what looks will sell best in the coming months. By researching trends in…

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10 Steps to Enable Your Building Products Event Experience (Part 2)

  Put a Name to Your Face With Well-Planned Trade Show Events Not everyone is good with names, but most people can easily recall a face. That’s why events and tradeshows are such an excellent way to grow your audience and customer-base. With noteworthy information, exciting content, and a unique experience, you can make sure…

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The Building Products Tablet Revolution

Are Your Dealers There Yet? In the marketing world, we’re consistently early adopters of new technology, from social networks (anybody remember Gowalla, Brightkite or Whrrl?) to devices like tablets. By now, if you’re like many of us, you may have already gotten rid of your first or second tablet and upgraded. With normalcy like that,…

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Which Presentation Tool is Right for You?

A Building Product Marketers’ Guide to PowerPoint, Keynote, and Prezi [This is the first in a series of posts by guest-blogger Matt Hillman, ER Marketing’s creative director.] In the nonstop effort to organize our thoughts and get noticed during sales calls or pitch meetings, we have all turned to at least one of them: presentation…

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Where does Innovation come from for Building Product Industry Marketers?

How can you drive creative thinking, which leads to innovation, in your organization? As building product marketers, most of us are hard-core product marketers that have seen flashes of innovation over the years either in products, service offerings or unique marketing programs. But, how do you translate innovation and innovative thinking into everything? First off,…

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How can Building Product Marketers create their own “World-Wide Rave?”

6 Core Rules to help you get people talking about your ideas from David Meerman Scott. I read a book a few years back and thought the ideas were powerful enough to pick it up and review again. The book is World Wide RAVE by David Meerman Scott. The basic idea behind the book is…

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Videos and How They Can Go Viral for Building Product Marketers

Just make it go viral! We hear that all the time from building product marketers that want to gain exposure, early adoption and excitement around product launches. Just shoot a video, post it on YouTube and let’s wait for the millions of views we are going to receive. If only it were that easy! Because…

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Building Industry Product Placement Know-How for CMOs

3 smart choices in a market of contextualized commerce. What is contextualized commerce, really? It is the act of placing a brand into a specific context, it’s also a buzz word that is making it’s way around the marketing circuit. Michela O’Connor Abrams, president and publisher of Dwell magazine stated, “We believe contextualized commerce is…

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2012 Building Industry Color Forecast

Color trends for 2012 show orange, tropical, and neutral tones.  We know as building material marketers that colors can evoke certain emotions, responses, and outcomes.  We also know that color trends are defined years in advance and we use that information in our product development.  Although it is too late to affect product color decisions…

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