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Six Reasons It’s Time for Brands to Replace Stock Photos With User-Generated Content

Let’s face it, stock photography is boring. As consumers become inundated with marketing content, they increasingly resist anything that looks and feels inauthentic, which unfortunately describes much of traditional marketing and advertising. In fact, 84% of millennials don’t trust traditional marketing and 92% of consumers trust user-generated content more than advertising. Although there has been a growing resistance…

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Importance of Integrating a Chatbot in Conversion Strategy

Businesses use strategy to impact all areas of the organization; from strategies that grow brand awareness at the top of the funnel to strategies that help drive conversion at the end of the buyer’s journey, businesses are constantly balancing their efforts to ensure that they’ve effectively touched on the strategies that support the most critical parts…

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Why Digital Marketers Should Pay Attention to the California Consumer Privacy Act

Businesses need to be concerned with consumer protection and privacy rights. This is even more important now because new legislation in California called the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), impacts every business in the United States, of a certain size or type, which has a single business contact or customer in California. Most businesses that have an online presence have…

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YouTube Will Now Let You Auto-Delete Your Video Search and Watch History

Your browsing experience on YouTube just became a little more private. Google announced it is now rolling out an auto-delete feature for YouTube. This will allow users to keep their video search and watch history on the platform for a predetermined amount of time before the data is automatically wiped. YouTube’s options allow users to set their…

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Avoid Targeting Pitfalls & Save Budget with 7 Paid Search Best Practices

So you have a budget. Keywords and ads are ready to go. Ready to launch? Not quite. Or maybe you are planning a Display Network campaigns, finally determined all audiences and demographics to use. Before you finalize your strategy, you should be aware of some targeting considerations that can make or break the success of…

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Firefox is Stepping Up its Blocking Game

Mozilla turned the blocking of third-party tracking cookies on by default this week with the release of Firefox 69. Although the feature has been available since October’s Firefox 63, this week’s build is the first to enable the feature by default, even for existing users who are just upgrading. Tracker blocking Mozilla says that it’s not trying…

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Google Makes Changes to GMB Listings With Distance-Based Service Areas

Google is going to automatically apply changes to Google My Business listings with distance-based service areas. The last remaining distance-based service areas are going to be removed. Going forward, service-area businesses currently based on a distance will be automatically converted to the closest named areas. Managers of Google My Business listings affected by this change will have the…

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Got a Plan? Content Marketing Success Demands It

Unless today is your first day as a content marketer, you’re aware of how essential a documented strategy is to achieving content marketing success. It’s one of those mantras you’ve heard being chanted again and again throughout every corner of the industry until you simply can’t help but accept it as truth. It really is…

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How to Use Geolocation Marketing to Stand Out

Now, more American adults use mobile devices than traditional computers when searching for local products and services. Geolocation is a marketing method that seeks to use mobile technology to push local sales. It can help businesses increase the efficiency of their marketing efforts and optimize their profits. What Is Geolocation Marketing? Geolocation marketing is the practice of…

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What Is a Google Penalty in SEO?

This week for “Ask An SEO”, we have a question from Quora: “What is a Google Penalty in SEO?” The term “penalty” is often used very loosely in SEO circles. When a site experiences a downturn in traffic and visibility the SEO will often say that downturn was the result of a “penalty” whether that downturn…

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