B2B Email: Only As Good As the Inbox It Lands In

Simple Tips for Email Deliverability You’ve done the unthinkable: you’ve crafted the perfect marketing email. A stunning design, perfect CTA, and breathtakingly relevant content. And guess what? None of it matters if it doesn’t land in an inbox. Email deliverability is one of the most important things to keep in mind as you engage with…

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Email Marketing Must Be Mobile

Email is not dead, but it might be if you don’t utilize responsive design (email that isn’t coded and optimized for mobile viewing across multiple screens and devices). The Content Marketing Institute (CMI) recently published an article about email and responsive design: ‘Delete This Email!’ Why Mobile Email Matters to Your Business. Before any of you building materials marketers…

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The Customer Journey: The Future of B2B Marketing?

It’s Not Just a Buzzword—It’s a Requirement When examining the future of B2B marketing, it’s impossible not to think about the impact of the customer journey on marketing strategy. It’s not just B2C companies that are making it a priority; it’s a frequent discussion with B2B clients I deal with every day. A recent whitepaper…

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Using Mobile in the Building Industry and Beyond

Tablets and smartphones enable people to text, send photos, use mobile apps and communicate faster then before. The key to utilizing mobile technology in the building industry is to make sure we have communication flowing; giving the right information to the right people so they make the best decisions on the job. Some stats to consider:…

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Mobile App Development Process: Part Two

In part one, we walked you through the beginning stages of mobile application development. Now, in the final stretch, the process will come to a successful end. The Pretty Picture: These are the skins for the mobile apps. At this stage, develop a high-resolution version of the designs from wireframes. Lucid Chart is another tool…

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Mobile App Development Process: Part One

Launching a mobile application is becoming easier with the development of online tools. This is an overview of things to consider when launching a mobile app. Goals and Research: Before you start designing and coding, you need to understand the purpose and mission of your new mobile app.  What is the problem your app is…

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What Trade Show Marketers Can Learn from Horror Movies (Part 3/3)

Avoid Falling Victim to Horror Movie Clichés Download the E-Book Today! When planning your trade show exhibit, it’s easy to fall victim to habits that would make any good horror movie scream queen proud. We’ve discussed in Parts 1 & 2 of this series a few other horror movie clichés that marketers commonly fall victim…

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What Trade Show Marketers Can Learn from Horror Movies (Part 2/3)

Avoid Falling Victim to Horror Movie Clichés Download the E-Book Today! As introduced in the first post of this series, there are many mistakes made at trade shows comparable to terrifying elements of a horror show. In our last post, we emphasized the importance of communicating with your team and understanding where to place displays…

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What Trade Show Marketers Can Learn from Horror Movies (Part 1/3)

Avoid Falling Victim to Horror Movie Clichés Download the E-Book Today! It seems like characters in horror movies are always making the same mistakes, inevitably getting themselves in worse situations than they were originally. As it turns out, they aren’t the only ones; trade show marketers, too, make the same mistakes when it comes to…

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Small Screen Marketing is Smart Screen Marketing

  Better enable your sales message for mobile There’s no argument about it: customers are using mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets at growing rates. Mobile devices are surpassing computers in sales, connecting customers and prospects to your business, and helping salespeople close deals. In short, mobile is becoming the first screen while personal…

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