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Balancing Public Relations in the Age of New Media

It’s difficult to balance new media such as digital and social with traditional media such as TV, radio and print. While it’s easy to grab on the next “shiny” idea, doing so may not improve your revenues and profits. One method of doing so is using public relations. “Public relations (PR) is work that helps…

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4 Ways To Create More Content For Your Blog

Successful B2B content marketing demands a lot of time and effort. You have to stay abreast of the latest trends, come up with new, original ideas all the time, and need to pay attention your competitors’ strategies, so you can post relevant content frequently to build an audience that wants – and expects – your material. For…

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5 Must-Read Books To Boost Your B2B Brand Voice

While many aspects of marketing have changed little over the years from a theoretical or fundamental perspective when it comes to execution tactics, marketing campaigns, and digital marketing strategies, much has and continues to change at seemingly breakneck speed. Keeping up-to-date with the best marketing resources will help you get your head around the ever-changing…

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The best marketing techniques you’re not taking advantage of yet

You’re probably careful as a business owner to never leave money on the table. Did you know, though, that this same concept can also apply to other areas of your company such as the way you market it? Failing to use every opportunity to market it successfully means that your competitors can snap up those…

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The 3 Costliest Mistakes When Launching A New Website

When you design your new website, you generally have two options: a good design geared to create customer loyalty and increase conversions, and a bad design that will turn off your target audience. Of course, if you want your B2B site to be successful you have to have a thoughtful design, and the easiest way…

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How to Know When It’s Time to Revamp Your Marketing Strategy

Your marketing strategy isn’t a set-it-and-forget-it concept. Because the marketing and sales landscape changes so quickly, it’s important to constantly reassess your strategy to learn what’s working and what needs to be tweaked or cut out altogether. It’s easy get caught up in the daily tasks that a business requires, but it’s also important to…

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Intentional Social Media Targeting Can Improve Your Reputation and Your Bottom Line

Running a business is hard, regardless of what type of business you run. Not only do you have to create or otherwise acquire your product or service,  but you also need to make sure that the right people know about it.  Chances are, you have already been told you need to be on Facebook, Twitter,…

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Effective Marketing Content: What Is Emotional Marketing?

As a B2B marketer, you’ve no doubt heard about the need to use emotional marketing to connect with your target audience. Emotional involves telling a story about your brand that will connect with your target in a personal, human way. Because consumers tend to make purchasing decisions based not on logic, but on feelings, emotional…

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What is Inclusive Marketing?

The global market is becoming a more diverse place, one that is inclusive of more cultures as it matures. Inclusive marketing is content creation that reflects this new, global marketplace. Inclusive marketing balances its output based not only on the message in the marketing, but also with the voices that are relaying that message. There is a responsibility that inclusive…

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Your Marketing Analysis Starts During Website Design

Analyzing a marketing program is an essential component of improving it. Too many marketers save this vital aspect of consultation for last instead of making it a central component of every aspect of the marketing process. Assessing a marketing program at its end assuresits end. The modern market moves in a way that makes it difficult for any…

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