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5 Building Product Trends In the New Housing Market

The Housing Market is Evolving – Be Ready As we move into 2013, I think everyone is in agreement, the housing market is recovering. In some places, it’s recovered, others sill have excess inventory or foreclosures, but overall – we are through the worst time our industry has ever seen (or wants to see). So…

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3 Things Building Materials Marketers Should Take Away From Super Bowl Ads

Besides the fact that Super Bowl is a trademarked NFL name Like millions of people around the world, I watched Super Bowl 47 and was amazed at the resiliency of the 49ers, but also how regardless of the fact you can plan for every possible contingency, sometimes things go wrong and the lights go out.…

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5 Builders Using Pinterest in the Building Products Industry

These builders know that homeowners are searching on Pinterest  A few weeks ago we profiled 10 building product companies that were utilizing Pinterest. Now we want to focus on that final step in the channel – the homebuilder. As a building products CMO, it’s critical to understand how this tool is being utilized by all…

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Facebook Offers New Features for Building Product Marketers

Facebook Now Offers Targeted Ads, ROI Tracking Tool, and CPM Bidding Tool Last year Elton discussed why social media ads might be something to add to your mix. With high print advertising rates and smaller marketing budgets, it’s important for building product marketers to consider the new tools Facebook has to offer. It’s worth a…

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Pinterest: 10 Building Product Companies You Should Follow, Part II

5 more brands to check out for examples of successful Pinterest pages Earlier I shared 5 building product companies you should follow on Pinterest. Here are the final 5 companies that are a great example of running a successful Pinterest account. 6. Fiberon Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/fiberondecking/ As a manufacturer of composite decking, deck railing, and fencing…

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Pinterest: 10 Building Product Companies You Should Follow, Part I

These brands show what it takes to run a successful Pinterest page Earlier this year we discussed how you can utilize Pinterest–with 4 million unique visitors daily– to help your company gain and educate customers. As a building products CMO, it’s beneficial to understand how this tool can work with your broader outreach strategy. If…

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Buyer Personas in the Building Products Industry

Buyer personas give your marketing direction and ensure your message is accurate Whether or not you know it, you’re likely using buyer personas everyday – it’s just a matter of how accurate they are. Buyer personas are representations of customers that are used to better understand why they purchase what they do. As building product…

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Building Product Manufacturers & BIM

Are you prepared for the shift in technology to BIM? For decades, blueprints have been the way houses are built. An architect or builder creates them. The future homeowner reviews and has changes. New blueprints are created again. Then, the trades all have their turn at reviewing, offering up suggestions and identifying conflicts as best…

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Houzz: A New Social Media Platform for Building Product Marketers

Houzz.com is a new building and design platform that offers users ideas for their home Have you heard of Houzz.com? It is a new online platform that connects architects, designers, builders, and contractors with homeowners around the world who want to build or update their home. The platform is a mash-up of Angie’s List (reviews)…

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How building product brands can leverage Pinterest to achieve goals

Pinterest is an opportunity for you to gain fans, educate customers At the beginning of this year Renae introduced you to Pinterest as a way to build brand recognition, share ideas, research competition and make connections. But now that Pinterest has been popular for over a year (and has nearly 15 million users), I think…

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