5 Things To Do for Your Post Show Wrap-Up

The months of planning for your biggest trade show of the year are behind you. You have nursed your sore feet and turned in your expenses from the big show. Now comes the real work of closing business, nurturing leads and following up with those leads. Having a key post show plan is as important…

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Bring Your “A” Game When You Exhibit

Many companies who exhibit at trade shows spend thousands of dollars—some spend millions—in an effort to attract new customers and show off new and improved products. Even though trade show costs continue to increase, attendance is still one of the main ways to meet new customers, making it a worthwhile investment—when done well. Remember: 67%…

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Is Your Brand Ready for the Big Show?

Although you have invested hours, days, or even weeks (not to mention your money) in planning your trade show booth, you have just seconds to engage potential customers and get them to remember your brand, products, and services. Ask yourself a few questions, as you get prepare: Are you ready? Have you put together a…

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What Trade Show Marketers Can Learn from Horror Movies (Part 2/3)

Avoid Falling Victim to Horror Movie Clichés Download the E-Book Today! As introduced in the first post of this series, there are many mistakes made at trade shows comparable to terrifying elements of a horror show. In our last post, we emphasized the importance of communicating with your team and understanding where to place displays…

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The 5 Most Common Trade Show Mistakes (Part 2/2)

    And What You Can Do to Avoid Them In last week’s post, we discussed two important trade show mistakes to avoid. It’s common to overlook the significance of your trade show presence and how it can impact your business. But in today’s competitive markets, it’s vital that your trade show strategy makes a…

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The 5 Most Common Trade Show Mistakes (Part 1/2)

And What You Can Do to Avoid Them It doesn’t matter whether you have been working in event and trade show marketing for one year or 20 years, one thing always remains the same: You have five seconds or less to make an impression and get that reluctant attendee to stop in your space and…

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What You Need to Know about Google in the Building Products Industry – Part 2

Google+ is More Than Another Social Network, Its a Valuable Tool for Your Business In Part 1 I shared some of Google’s basics: Google AdWords and Analytics and Google Apps for business. In Part 2, we’ll talk about Google+. Google+ launched in 2011 and is best known as a social network, although it has the…

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5 Big Myths About Building Product Branding

What you don’t know could be hurting yours Brand is a fun topic and lots of people have opinions about it. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of bad information out there and that makes it more complicated than it should be, not to mention the fact that many people throw the term “brand” around without really…

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How To Create a Building Products Facebook Contest

5 Ways to boost fan engagement and gain leads Earlier this year Elton discussed the new Facebook timeline and if it matters for the building products industry. With more than a billion people subscribed to Facebook, it is an important social media tool to use and a simple way to host a promotional contest. Check…

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MarCom Portals Meet Building Product Customers Needs

Catering to the channel shows loyalty to your customers In an earlier post I shared with you all the reasons a MarCom Portal can make an impact on your business. It provides brand control, allows you to control costs, rewards your customers, makes your life easier and is scalable. Today I want to talk about…

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