Increasing Conversion rates for your Building Products Website

Turning more of your website visitors into leads can increase your bottom line. There’s a lot to think about with your lead strategy.  How many leads do you need to create to get to the conversion rate you desire? How much does each lead cost and does that match your goals?  One place to start…

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A New Social Media Outlet for Building Product Marketers

New service can help you to use virtual pin boards to showcase your building product brand. can be used to build brand recognition, share ideas, research competition and make connections. Voted one of the 50 best websites of 2011 by Time Magazine, Pinterest is a social media site, still in beta development, based…

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QR Code Examples in the Building Products Industry

8 real-world examples of companies using them incorrectly, and one doing it right. QR codes are scanned using mobile devices. This means the person will be viewing your content on a mobile device, so the page you send them to should be a mobile-optimized one. Clearly, there is still confusion within many companies in our…

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Content Marketing and Database Marketing for Building Product Marketers

Steps to Prepare Your Building Product Organization for Content and Database Marketing. Content and database marketing are two marketing tools recommended by Forrester Research, Inc. after they did an extensive study earlier this year. I’ve highlighted some of the key points from this article below. Content Marketing Content Marketing refers to creating more content than…

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How Building Product Marketers can Define their Customers in 6 Steps

Building Product manufacturers must understand their customer to define their data.  Being involved with Building Product customer data for most of my career, I have found that a universal struggle is defining the customer in the business-to-business (B2B) environment.  Don’t end up selling ice to Eskimos! Here are 5 steps to help define your customer…

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Measurement is key to Building Product Marketing Strategy

Lessons from Office Depot on Measuring the Metrics that Matter to Your Building Products Organization “The metrics you measure are the metrics you manage.” We’ve all heard that phrase a hundred times before, but when’s the last time your organization really thought about what’s being measured, and what each measure means for the business? The…

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Building Product Marketing Icons – Old vs. New

Steve Jobs, the king of digital, taught us that “Traditional Media” is not dead. It seems everyday in the building product industry, we are being told traditional marketing methods are dead and digital only is the way. With continued sluggish sales and knowing the building product industry is going to stay compressed for the foreseeable…

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QR Codes and the Building Products Industry

QR Codes are essential to building product point-of-purchase marketing. It seems you can’t open a magazine, receive a direct mail postcard, attend a tradeshow, or walk by POP (Point of Purchase) in any retailer these days without seeing one of these funny QR (quick response) codes. What are they and should they be part of…

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Impact of E-mail for Building Products Industry

People connect with brands they trust! A recent DMA report found, “People are happy to connect with brands they trust, but they’re increasingly selective about which ones they link up with!”  Findings also show: 61% subscribe to e-mails from 10 or fewer brands The number of people who find 50% of their e-mails relevant or…

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