4 Content Experiences That Keep On Giving

With the end-of-the-year holidays upon us, more businesses around the world will donate money, food, and products to organizations that help people. Whether the acts are part of their year-round corporation social responsibility program or a once-a-year thing, they are needed and appreciated. But what if your brand did something different (or in addition to…

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How to Approach Your Company’s Content with a Growth Mindset for 2020

The new year is less than two months away, and by now companies should already have a contract with a growth marketing forward HubSpot agency, and a clear path forward with their content direction. But some organizations wait up to the last minute to form a relationship with a digital marketing agency capable of creating growth-driven…

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LinkedIn Needs to be Part of Your Content Strategy: Here’s Why

When you think of LinkedIn, what pops into your mind? If you’re like most people, it’s the connections you can make from a human resources perspective that you’re most familiar with. While the social media platform is definitely useful in fulfilling that goal, today it’s becoming more recognizable as a vital part of any business’…

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Matching Your Content Strategy with ABM

As more companies come into the knowledge of account based marketing (ABM), they begin to run into the same challenge: content. Moving into the ABM space allows a business to pinpoint its targets quite specifically. Without the content to reach out, however, the company has a nice, long list with nowhere to call. The second…

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Get Your Organic Traffic Soaring By Performing a Marketing Content Audit

Do you know how well each piece of content and page on your website is performing? While it may take time, dedication, patience, and a bite out of your budget to conduct a thorough B2B content audit that provides deep, relevant information, it is essential to help you make decisions about your future content marketing…

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Why Intent Marketing Beats All

As digital business moves forward, every business must find better ways to produce and analyze its marketing. Every so often, new buzzwords will come into the lexicon that seem to solve all the problems and inefficiencies that our profession is having. Most of the time, these buzzwords flutter out of style just as quickly as…

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Five B2C Trends Successful B2B Companies Must Follow

When you think of recent B2C marketing stories that made headlines and caused a stir, it’s likely that IHOP’s name swap, Jack-In-The-Box’s racy double entendre, or Oreo’s Super Bowl tweet come to mind. As a B2B marketer, you don’t have to create controversial campaigns, but it would be a wise strategy to take a cue…

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3 Great Examples of Content Marketing Strategies Being Employed in the Building Sector

Building products’ companies across the nation are employing innovative content marketing strategies to attract and convert their audience into customers. Today, there are very many forms of content that product manufacturers in the building sector can rely on. Some of the most common ones include, how-to-articles, how-to-videos, simple product demonstrations or elaborate product animations, manufacturing…

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Content Marketing Strategies: Why Your Content May Not be Getting Traffic

When it comes to content marketing strategies, one of most difficult things is not creating the content but what happens after you hit publish. Once the content is out there, you may expect people to just flock to it. However, the saying that if you build it they will come is not always true in…

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What is the Inverted Pyramid?

The inverted pyramid style of writing is a simple guideline to creating content that engages and consistently brings in leads. With all of the different ways you can go about formatting your content, why should you consider the inverted pyramid–and what is the style anyway? Let us give you a better description of this style…

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