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Why Building Product Companies Should Consider Foursquare

When used correctly, Foursquare can make a difference for you and your clients’ business. Social media has been a hot topic for several years now and while it’s not always your decision as to whether or not it can be used at work, it’s a big deal for a lot of companies. In fact, Robert…

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2012 Building Industry Color Forecast

Color trends for 2012 show orange, tropical, and neutral tones.  We know as building material marketers that colors can evoke certain emotions, responses, and outcomes.  We also know that color trends are defined years in advance and we use that information in our product development.  Although it is too late to affect product color decisions…

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How Building Product Marketers Can Target the Renter's Market

Since 2009, housing market trends point to continued growth in the renters market. I believe that in the building products industry, it’s important to keep an eye on housing trends and how it could affect your marketing and even your product line. Epsilon Targeting’s New Mover Report 2011 mentions a few key statistics that are…

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Debt and Other Economic Factors Affecting the Building Product Industry

Keeping an eye on the recovery of the economy is important for building product CMOs to consider as they make long-term strategic marketing plans. As you know, building products and the housing market have easily been the segment most effected by the economic problems of the past couple of years. Recently released statistics and news…

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QR Code Examples in the Building Products Industry

8 real-world examples of companies using them incorrectly, and one doing it right. QR codes are scanned using mobile devices. This means the person will be viewing your content on a mobile device, so the page you send them to should be a mobile-optimized one. Clearly, there is still confusion within many companies in our…

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Content Marketing and Database Marketing for Building Product Marketers

Steps to Prepare Your Building Product Organization for Content and Database Marketing. Content and database marketing are two marketing tools recommended by Forrester Research, Inc. after they did an extensive study earlier this year. I’ve highlighted some of the key points from this article below. Content Marketing Content Marketing refers to creating more content than…

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Building Products: 4 Tips for Asking Informative Questions that Drive Sales

The following 4 tips will provide valuable intelligence about a prospect and/or sales opportunity: A recent webinar conducted by Tom Searcy at provided a list of tips on the importance of asking questions to getting sales. Here is my summary and input for how they relate best for the building product industry.Building product customers…

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7 Ways Building Product CMOs Increase Financial Fluency

Learn how increasing your marketing department’s financial capacity can make a big difference in your business. Especially in the building products industry, it’s more important than ever to closely monitor the dollars going into your marketing efforts. It’s no longer about the next big idea and pushing out pretty creative, today’s CMO has to focus…

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5 Simple Things That Are Hurting Your Building Products Marketing

Simple things may be harming your brand and insights for what you can do. How many of them are keeping you from reaching your audience effectively? Here’s a simple audit for building material marketers: 1. Multiple Messages: To get your brand noticed and sales growing, all your marketing needs to move in the same direction;…

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