Building Product Companies on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a powerful tool for individuals and creating a company page can create the same kind of connections Most of us are familiar with LinkedIn on an individual level – it’s a great way to connect with other professionals and organizations. It’s so popular that the network has 150 million members worldwide in over…

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Mobile Apps versus Mobile Websites—Which is More Worthwhile in the Building Product Market?

Smartphone users want more out of their searches. In a previous post I mentioned a few statistics of mobile shopping and the relentless reliance on our smartphones and devices. As smartphone owners, we are increasingly using our devices as retail outlets. From researching products and reviews, to comparing prices, finding retail locations and redeeming coupons,…

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4 Surprising Things About Starbucks That Building Product Marketers Should Know

Insights into the turnaround that shouldn’t have worked—but did. When the economy began to circle the drain in 2007, people immediately assumed Starbucks—the home of $4 coffee indulgences—would feel the crackdown on unnecessary spending. And feel it Starbucks did, closing more than 600 stores in 2008, and for many observers, signaling an end to the…

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Building Industry Product Placement Know-How for CMOs

3 smart choices in a market of contextualized commerce. What is contextualized commerce, really? It is the act of placing a brand into a specific context, it’s also a buzz word that is making it’s way around the marketing circuit. Michela O’Connor Abrams, president and publisher of Dwell magazine stated, “We believe contextualized commerce is…

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2012 Building Industry Color Forecast

Color trends for 2012 show orange, tropical, and neutral tones.  We know as building material marketers that colors can evoke certain emotions, responses, and outcomes.  We also know that color trends are defined years in advance and we use that information in our product development.  Although it is too late to affect product color decisions…

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3 Ways Building Product Marketers Should Rethink “What Do You Do?”

Now Is The Perfect Time To Re-evaluate Your “Elevator Speech.” Once upon a time, it was enough to hear a job title to get a sense of what someone did for a living. But with a workforce filled with more and more artificially inflated, lateral-promotion-enriched job descriptions, helping others understand what we—as companies and individuals—bring…

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Why the Building Products Industry Needs to Go Green

Making Environmentally Friendly Changes and Marketing Them Can Make a Big Impact on Your Bottom Line The term “green” has been overused, abused and misrepresented over the last 5 years, but if you haven’t thought seriously about what it means to your company – now is the time. Green is not only an important factor…

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