ER Marketing Named One of the top B2B Marcom Agencies in the US

Kansas City, Mo. – ER Marketing today announced its inclusion in the 2019 B2B Marketing US Agencies Benchmarking Report. Based on a ranking of United States marketing and communication agencies and their global gross income, ER Marketing is listed as 27 out of the Top 39 B2B Agencies in the US.

The report contains insight into B2B marketing and communication trends as well as insight from industry thought leaders. Included is also thought leadership on creating long-term partnerships, how to thrive in the face of change, and redefining what it means to be full service.

“We’re so honored to be recognized amongst the country’s top marketing and communications agencies. We work tirelessly to ensure the work we turn out meets our clients’ unique needs, while also producing work the cuts through the noise,” said Elton Mayfield, co-founder of ER Marketing.

The report is intended to help businesses intelligently select the best partner that will cater to specific marketing/communication needs, benchmark the performance of US B2B agencies, aid in planning the future of brands, and ultimately, assessing the B2B marketing landscape and the ever-changing nature of the industry.

“I’m extremely proud of our ability to continue to grow in the competitive B2B industry,” said Renae Krause, co-founder. “Our team does a great job of going beyond order-taking to truly understand our partners’ needs and help them push their businesses and marketing materials to stand out from the competition.”


About ER Marketing
ER Marketing is a B2B marketing agency that builds brands, strategies, and relationships that create opportunities. Day in and day out, ER Marketing puts in a hard day’s work so our clients can grow businesses to their full potential. When we say we understand how to help clients in the building industry, we mean it, because we’ve been building clients ourselves. For more information visit or call 816- 471-1400.



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