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ER Marketing Named in Top 35 B2B Agencies in the US

ER Marketing today announced its inclusion in the 2017 B2B US Agencies Benchmarking Report. Based on a ranking of United States marketing and communication agencies and their global gross income, ER Marketing is listed as one of the Top 35 B2B Agencies in the US.

The report contains insight into B2B marketing and communication trends as well as insight from industry thought leaders. Included is also thought leadership on modern day marketing, how to create compelling copy, and the application of data.

“ER Marketing is excited and honored to be included in a list of the country’s top marketing and communications agencies,” said Elton Mayfield, co-founder of ER Marketing. “This is a testament to our team’s hard work, commitment to excellence, and dedication to our clients.”

The report is intended to help businesses intelligently select the best partner that will cater to specific marketing/communication needs, benchmark the performance of US B2B agencies, aid in planning the future of brands, and ultimately, assessing the B2B marketing landscape and the ever-changing nature of the industry.

“Our ability to grow in the competitive B2B industry comes from looking at marketing in a completely different way,” said Renae Gonner Krause, co-founder. “We’re proud that our clients look to us as part of their long-term business strategy, working together to produce work that drives results.”


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