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Wood Haven specializes in high-end custom millwork and exterior wood cladding. Their flagship product, The Rainscreen Clip™ System, has been used on some of the most prestigious buildings in the country.


A comprehensive branding and website creation package to build awareness and generate leads with the target audience: Architects, Design Firms and Builders.

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Develop and refresh brand identity and brand elements that mirrors the quality and workmanship of Wood Haven products and establishes Wood Haven as a quality player in the home and building industry. Elevate the Wood Haven brand by revitalizing and updating their logo and website to match the quality of their products and services.


The new identity has created a positive impact. The logo has received positive comments during a home and building industry tradeshow and has accomplished the objective of appealing to the target audience, Architects, Design Firms, and Builders, and reads a “natural” while looking modern and clean. The website has seen an increase in inquiries and Wood Haven is pleased with the initial success of the site and results within the first six months have exceeded goals.

  • 30% of traffic is organic
  • Average sessions duration is 3 minutes and 30 seconds
  • Around 60 new inquiries from contact form
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