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Dairy3 for me


Midwest Dairy Association works on behalf of dairy farmers to increase dairy sales, foster innovation and inspire consumer confidence in dairy products and practices. Midwest Dairy Council, an affiliate of National Dairy Council, is the nutrition education division of Midwest Dairy Association. The Council is dedicated to dairy nutrition research and education through the investments of 7,000 dairy farm families across 10 Midwestern states, and is committed to child health and wellness through our collaborative program, Fuel Up to Play 60.

In 2016, MDA launched the Dairy 3 for Me challenge to encourage consumers to add dairy into their daily diets.


Build upon the initial program success of Dairy 3 for Me and evolve messaging and marketing strategy for year-two activation.


Increase social media followers and engagement, increase email database and create a community within Dairy 3 for Me. Bridge the gap between online and offline audience activation.


Bring consumers into the conversation about the challenge, encourage engagement and sharing with the long-term goal of consumers becoming the voice of the challenge.

The updated Dairy 3 for Me campaign triggered consumer engagement through ask and answer creative messaging. Core audiences were examined, and messaging developed and personalized to stimulate conversation, extend conversation beyond the promotional time period and capture user-submitted content for future promotional use.

How Do You Dairy…as a vegetarian?

How Do You Dairy…over the holidays?

Social tactics encouraged consumers to share their experience, a conversation hashtag was created #HowIDairy and a variety of program elements kept consumers engaged through the summer, encouraging others to join the challenge. A Google AdWords campaign was executed to promote Midwest Dairy messages and drive traffic to the MDA website.

How do you dairy ad
How do I dairy social media bundle

Program Tactics and Conversation Extensions

To keep the consumer conversation around Dairy 3 for Me engaging and to open the opportunity for MDA to join the conversation in a compelling way, “June the Dairy Cow” was developed and introduced in social posts. This loveable character joined the conversation asking consumer questions to spark conversation and answering the challenge as a member of the Dairy 3 for Me community.

One tactic of the social campaign included an interactive game featuring “June the Dairy Cow” offering consumers another way to engage, share and join the conversation at #HowIDairy.

“June the Dairy Cow” was also featured in dairy farm educational kits to extend the campaign into on-farm visits and bridge between the online and offline audience experience. Tactical elements including signage and hand-outs like visitor bingo cards, supporting Dairy 3 for Me and #HowIDairy.

In response to consumers who had engaged with MDA through the Dairy 3 For Me promotion and signed up for a monthly e-newsletter, promotional themes were extended into a monthly consumer e-newsletter giving MDA an opportunity to continue the conversation with consumers.


During the promotional period, (May, 2017 – December, 2017), the AdWords campaign delivered 956,939 impressions and16,962 clicks with an above industry average CTR of 1.77%

In addition, during the 8-month period, the MDA website gained 98,132 new users and 724 new email sign-ups.


new website users

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