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    Build Better: How Sustainability Plays a Role in the Future of Building Materials

    Just about everywhere you look these days, people are talking about sustainability. While this term can become somewhat of a catchphrase in certain parts of the construction industry, the truth is that it is really something every building materials company should strive for.

    Why? When we are all focused on helping the environment, there’s a genuine impact on both our planet and the way people live their lives. To help you uncover more information about this topic, here are six sustainable building benefits to consider.

    1. Green Construction Provides Less of an Environmental Impact

    As a building materials company, it is important to understand how the natural resources you use impact the overall planet. For example, companies that use lumber products often have to worry about the impacts of deforestation and future growth of trees due to global warming, wildfires, and more.

    However, the ability to use other more sustainable materials is definitely at the forefront. From things like hemp and bamboo to recycled products, there are many other options available that lessen the impact on our environment.

    2. People Like Products That Are Green

    Green building is gaining popularity — both in traditional construction and the growing tiny home movement. To put it simply, consumers want to work with companies that put environmental causes at the forefront. This includes when they choose specific brands to work with when building a home or office.

    When your brand or company is known as a green building company, those that care are much more likely to choose your products over those of your competitors. This is even true if your items are just a little bit higher in terms of price.

    3. Better Building Resale Value

    In the same way, more buyers want to choose buildings and homes that are environmentally friendly. This means that properties with these types of materials hold their resale value much higher and longer than those that don’t.

    Simply put, energy efficiency and other similar objectives are essential in the construction industry. If your brand isn’t working to be a part of this process, there’s a good chance you’ll be overlooked for a competitor that is.

    4. Reduction in Global Waste

    As a whole, humans have a trash problem. The good news is that an increase in recycled products in the building materials industry is helping make this less of an issue than ever before.

    For manufacturers, this offers a unique opportunity to try to find innovative ways to include recycled materials like rubber, plastics, and metals into the goods that they already create. In fact, there are entire consulting groups dedicated to this process who work with brands all over the globe in hopes of increasing the number of recycled-materials building products on the market.

    5. Improved Health for Citizens

    Another reason why sustainability plays such a big role in the future of building materials comes down to the health of our friends and neighbors across the globe. How? Remember when things like lead pipe and asbestos were a good idea? Over time, it became clear that these parts of a building could make people very, very ill.

    As we continue to pay closer attention to the products used when constructing homes and businesses, manufacturers have a duty to ensure the items they sell are safe. With a rise in sustainability, finding materials that are okay for repeated exposure is important.

    6. Increased Responsibility for Manufacturers

    Finally, the reason why sustainability is becoming such a big part of the building materials industry comes down to society’s increased responsibility for manufacturers. Consumers now demand that these items are safe for people and the environment, which means ensuring your company is paying attention is vital to your growth as a business.

    Wrap Up: Benefits of Sustainable Building Materials

    In the future, the role of sustainability in the building materials industry is only slated to grow. If your company isn’t working toward making this a priority, now is a good time to start. After all, the demand is only increasing.

    To learn more about how to market your sustainable building materials company, please contact our team at ER Marketing for details.

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