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    5 Tips for Planning Social Media Content in Advance

    5 Tips for Planning Social Media Content in Advance

    One of the easiest ways to promote your business is with social media, but you have to have consistency in how often you post. Why? It takes repeated time and effort to grow your following. If potential and current customers see your name pop up in their feeds often, they are more likely to remember your company when searching for the products and services you offer.

    But the only really viable method for continuously posting is by staying organized and thinking ahead. And the easiest way to do this is by having a solid content schedule. Here are five of our best tips for planning your social media content in advance.

    Tip #1: Use a Calendar

    To start, you’ll want to use a calendar for planning. It doesn’t matter if it is a digital or a plain old printed calendar on the wall. If you prefer, a spreadsheet with days and dates also works. Having the ability to see your social media plan in action is important and gives you the opportunity to ensure you aren’t skipping days.

    Tip #2: Choose Categories for Posts

    Coming up with interesting and engaging content is much easier if you’re working through a handful of categories. For example, decide on set numbers for posts that are information about your company, specific products, events, and more. By having your posts broken down into categories, it makes it much easier to write the copy and come up with any associated links or photos for the post.

    Tip #3: Anticipate What Your Audience Needs

    You know your industry better than anyone else. That’s why it is important to anticipate what your audience needs by planning social media posts that address these concerns. Answer common questions, discuss special seasonal needs, and more. Not only does this give you the opportunity to respond to a concern before it arises, it positions your company as an industry expert and builds trust with your audience. In the end, this has the potential to create more sales.

    Tip #4: Give Them Something Worth Sharing

    Another tip is to provide your audience with posts that are truly worth sharing. This is especially true in a B2B environment where you might not want to promote a specific product or service with every social media post. Instead, look for links across the web with industry articles, business advice, and other related pieces of content. Giving them something to share with their own audience provides them a reason to continue to follow your page and spreads the word about topics that pertain to their needs.

    Tip #5: Don’t Be Afraid to Use Video

    Finally, don’t be afraid to use video in your scheduled posts to help fill in any gaps. Interactive media is another great way to connect with social media followers in a B2B niche and provides a “human” touch that you don’t always achieve with just text posts or still graphics. This can be something as simple as a Facebook Live broadcast or even a professionally created video that showcases what you do.

    Why Planning Social Media is So Important

    Planning your content is an important part of any social media strategy. Why? Staying organized is key to remaining consistent and seeing success. Use the five tips mentioned in this post to get started.

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