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10 Reasons Why Every Architecture Firm Needs to Use Pinterest

Are you looking for an easy and fun way to drive traffic and attention to your architecture firm? Look no further than Pinterest.

Yes, we know. It might not be where you would think the architecture industry would really gain marketing traction. After all, this popular social media platform is highly favored by women and is usually credited with tons of pins featuring recipes, beauty tips, and cutesy saying. But the truth is that it’s really a growing visual search engine with plenty of space for those who love art, architecture, and interior design.

In fact, advertising your business in this manner can be a great way to create brand recognition, leads, and even spur partnership opportunities. Here are ten reasons why every architecture firm needs to use Pinterest.

1. Pinterest Works as a Great Portfolio Board

One of the basic reasons architecture firms should embrace Pinterest is that it creates a great place to show off your portfolio. If you’ve recently worked on a spectacular project, you can always use photos to create multiple pins drawing attention to your efforts.

2. Drive Traffic to Your Website

Another reason architecture firms should use Pinterest as a digital marketing tool is that it is a great way to drive traffic to your website. Every pin you post can be linked to a website, which gives you a chance to link to your services, contact page, or even blog posts.

3. Create a Viral Response

Most companies engage in advertising on social media platforms to try to get some sort of response from their target market. In this case, Pinterest is a wonderful opportunity to create a viral response for your projects. Not only can you catch the attention of a follower on the platform, but they could repin your post and their friends could do the same. You never know what big client might see your pin later on down the line and opt to give you a call!

4. Position Your Firm as a Leader

Your team is good at what you do. But nobody else in your industry knows that unless you position yourself as a leader. Pinterest makes this possible, as it gives you a method for posting educational blog posts that you’ve added to your website. For example, someone looking for information on how to handle a certain remodeling situation might look on Pinterest for ideas, see your pin, and go to your website for further information.

5. Reach a High-Income Audience

According to published stats, Pinterest has 459 million monthly users. Most are women and a good portion of these users have the budget to be able to hire an interior designer or work with a contractor. If you’re looking to hone in on this audience, posting regularly to Pinterest can be a great way to do so.

6. Expand Your Audience with Repins

Perhaps one of the best parts about advertising on Pinterest is that you’re not just limited to the people following your account. Each time someone finds your pins and reposts them on their own boards, you’re expanding your audience.

7. Give Followers Inspiration

Pinspiration boards are a wonderful way to help your followers find design ideas for their own projects. And you don’t have to just use your own pins. Consider creating inspiration boards that showcase a certain theme or just ideas that your team really likes.

8. Announce Awards and Affiliations

Pinterest is also a great place to show off any awards or affiliations your architecture firm has earned. Again, this builds your reputation and credibility as an industry leader in your local area or even globally.

9. Showcase Special Projects

Working on a special charity or historical project? Document your progress visually with a special Pinterest board. This is a great way for people to follow along and see how the overall process of what you do from start to finish.

10. Create Themed Boards for Your Local Area

Are you interested in local marketing? Use Pinterest to create themed boards for your community including special events, showcasing other businesses, and more. You never know when someone will see your pins and decide to call you for a project estimate.

Wrap Up: Pinterest Marketing for Architects

Are you ready to start using Pinterest as part of your marketing strategy? Our ER Marketing team is highly skilled in making Pinterest marketing for architects a success. Please contact us today for details.

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